Medical aid

Medical aid consists of helping people who are not able to solve their own health problems independently.
In addition we give medical information to individuals and groups of children.


The aim of the medical aid program is to help Roma who are not able to solve their medical problems independently and to pass on knowledge.

First we try to find out how people can be helped, so they are able to solve their problems independently. However, sometimes there are (urgent) cases in which we provide help in order to prevent people from more ill or die.

In addition people are educated – individually or in groups. By doing so, we hope health problems can be prevented in future.

In recent years we have noticed people listen to our advice, so they do not need our help any longer. For instance, people have learned that medicines from the hospital pharmacy are expensive. On the other hand, if people get their medicines from their family doctor they do not have to pay nothing or very little.

We also provide transport for people to get to hospital, or pay for the expenses.


As we worked more closely with the Roma, people started to ask for medical aid more frequently. Therefore we started our medical aid program in 2011. Since then people have been able to find their way to medical aid, and together we try to find a solution for their health problems.

What does the program look like?

In general we receive requests for help during the weekly three moments of contact. The requests and questions are quite divers: people come in with a prescription they cannot pay for, or they need medical devices, such as glasses. Sometimes they do not where to go, or they have been told to visit a medical specialist and are afraid they will not understand what is being told to them.

In each specific case a personal plan is made, in which we try to find out why people seek help, what the people themselves can do, and in what ways people are involved in other programs of Laleaua Ministry.

Since the requests for help are very divers, the actions which need to be undertaken are also extremely divers. Sometimes people simply can be helped with some advice or information. But we also pay for medicines, treatments and medical devices and transport to and from the hospital.

We guide people during hospital visits and intercede between doctors and patients. We also help by applying for social benefits during a period of ill health, or we coach people during an intensive medical process.

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