The football program consists of a weekly training and a competition among the boys themselves.
Playing football weekly is a reward and a boost in motivation for the boys to attend school.


The aim of the football program is to motivate the boys to attend school and keep coming to the After School-program. In addition the boys do not only learn to play football, but they also practice discipline and working together as a team.


Boys do not always like attending school, but they love playing football. This is the reason why the football program was started. It is a kind of reward and so a proper link with our educational program.

What does the program look like?

Once a week we rent a sheltered football field, on which the boys the boys train and play their competition. The boys can earn points as a group and individually.

On arrival all boys are presented with a task they have to perform: e.g. placing the cones, distributing the safety vests and goals.

During the training session and the match the boys can earn points by listening well and performing their tasks. The boys do not only earn points by winning the match, but also with their behaviour during the match.

This way the boys learn a lot. We see that they really enjoy playing football when they perform all their tasks. We they have earned a certain number of points as a team, they get a gift; the boys have been given a training suit once, for instance. The individual winner earns a new football.

The boys hardly ever skip a training session; almost every week all boys attend. This good attendance means the attendance at school and the After School program also is good. Football proves to be a real booster!

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